Laser Engraving - Awards & Gifts

The options for engraving are almost endless.  Laser engraving in Pendleton, Oregon can be done right here at our shop and can be applied on so many products.  The traditional award plaques, trophies are just a small part of today's options.  Acetylic, glass and now lacerable leather makes for a wide range of options.  Most of these items of course, provides a single color most often.  If you need a more colorful look open up the Custom Color catalog for a dye-sublimated product line.  And if you are not sure what you need please call for advice.  We can point you in the right direction.  Special awards and gifts are a wonderful way to recognize people that have achieved or have special events in their lives.  We can customize all of these items with laser art, graphics or text to make them a real treasure.

Engraving - A Lasting Impression

Travel Mugs engraved by Creative SignsEngraving an item with a laser removes the top layer of material revealing the second layer.  Thus, the laser removes the first layer and so the item is durable and the graphic will stay on the item for almost forever.  Of course, engraving produces a single color of the graphic.  Whatever color the second layer is will be the color of the graphic.  If more color is necessary then a dye sublimation option is what you would want to pursue.  This process provides a full color print and heat transfer method that creates vivid color and again a very durable graphic.  The many catalogs of products will or should reference just about any item you are looking for -  

Engraved Key Chain for a great promotional option by Creative Signs

Laser Engraving: A Great Option for Promotional Items

There are many times when a business or group needs a great promotional item where they can have their logo or name placed on the item and have some real functionality.  There are a variety of great gift ideas that meet that need - a function option with a promotional feature.  Have your logo or name engraved on so many great gift or award products.  Many of these items are very inexpensive and allows a business or group to give these items away to enhance the customer experience and to build brand loyalty.  Not sure which might be the best or even what the options are?  Give Creative Signs a call and we can walk you through the many options and which will be perfect for your group.