Signs & Graphics 

Chances are you have seen upwards of 50 signs just  today.  Signs are everywhere from simple traffic signs to the more elaborate backlit signs such as McDonalds, Wendy's and the like.  Signs and graphics are one of the most frequently used marketing methods available.  There are many sign, screen printing and embroidery products that are available to choose .  What will work best for you most likely will be a variety of products to catch the attention of customers and keep them coming into your shop.  How do you pick the right sign type, message and colors?  As you develop your business theme, logo and brand all of these questions will be answered.  It can be as easy as choosing a simple logo and color scheme and then again it might be a challenge.  It is really up to you and your vision of your business.


Stand Out in the Crowd of Businesses

There are many ways to get noticed in the marketplace. Using a v variety of methods to catch your customers' attention will make the difference. And signs and graphics are a great way to not only utilize the ad space you already own but to advertise all of the time. What does this mean? Placing graphics on your business vehicles is a one time investment but pays dividends for years. You already own the vehicle and now it is a moving billboard everywhere you go.   In the photo below, Pendleton sanitary purchased a new garbage truck and what a perfect method to advertise their services then to place their name and logo on the trucks that drive around town. 

Pendleton Sanitary Services Truck lettered up by Creative Signs

Signs and Graphics on your storefront can make a difference!

Signs & Graphics: An Established Method to Market

The early business people knew that they had to give their customers a clear understanding that they were selling something.  The General Mercantile or other similar storefronts made classic signs and had graphics to attract customers.  And that same method has progresseed through the years until now we find ourselves marketing in a multitude of ways.  But the established business signs and graphics will always be a fundamental method to market and advertise.  Are you using these signs and graphics to the fullest? 

A consistent message and look will be important as you review your current or future marketing efforts. Give your customers the opportunity to recognize your business wherever they might see your logo on your business, work vehicles or employees. The investment in your consistent marketing efforts will certainly pay dividends.